How to Get the Most Out of Solo Masturbation

Masturbation is a unique pleasure that many men and women enjoy. Solo masturbation can be a powerful stress reliever, but it also nourishes libido and satiates sexual desire.

solo masturbation

Solo masturbation is a way to spend a little one-on-one time with your body and your mind. It can help you find some peace and quiet, and it can even improve your sleep.

It’s important to note, however, that solo masturbation is not a substitute for sex with your partner (though it can be an additional pleasure). If you feel like masturbating by yourself is taking over your life and is interfering with responsibilities or your health, it may be time to cut back.

Number of ways to enjoy solo masturbation

There are a number of ways to enjoy solo masturbation, but they’re all focused on stimulating your clitoris and vagina. During your session, try to stimulate both your erogenous zones simultaneously with various touches and toys. You can use both hands, or a combination of finger and toy, to stimulate your clitoris and vagina in tandem for an earth-shattering orgasm.

To get the most out of your solo sessions, try to take your time and focus on the sensations that are coming on in your body. Breathing from your belly rather than your chest and swinging your pelvis are all good ways to increase blood flow, which helps you orgasm more easily.

Using your imagination can be another great way to boost your solo masturbation experience. You can create fantasies of what you would like to do with your lover or yourself. You can think of scenarios that might turn you on, like watching porn or reading erotica, and then let your imagination run wild with what it wants to happen during your session.

Playing with lube, whether it’s water-based or anal, is an excellent way to heighten your solo masturbation experience. Add a bit of lube to your clitoris and vagina, then let your fingers smear it across your intimate parts as you sigh.

Hot water faucet

You can also use a hot water faucet to create a steamy solo masturbation experience, by pouring a tub of lube over your intimate parts and then letting it drip down over your skin. This is especially good for lube lovers who want to feel the heat of their intimate parts during their masturbation.

Make sure you’re using a lube that feels right for your intimate parts, and don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is to slather yourself in greasy lube that will leave your intimate parts feeling dry and raw.

Experiment with different positions during your solo masturbation. Lie on your back, for example, to stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time, or use a couch or a bed to tuck your genitals in close as you stimulate them.

Consider playing with sex toys during your solo sessions, like vibrators or plugs to intensify the sensations on your intimate parts. You can also experiment with anal sex toys, like anal beads or anal massagers, to enhance your orgasm during your solo sex.